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The Married Girls Guide to Great Sex

This book is a gift to your marriage. Within these pages you will find a conversation about a fundamental part of life. Sex. People are afraid to say the word, let alone share sane discourse on intercourse. 

This book will challenge you to become a woman of strength and integrity in your marriage. Here you will also find practical tips, hints and suggestions that will help you enjoy Great Sex. 

This book isn't just about sex. Rather, it is a guide to improving every aspect of your marriage. Each chapter comes with four activities designed to help implement the ideas presented in the chapter. There are also discussion questions, designed to be discussed at your book club, women's group, bible study, or even among your friends. You can also discuss them with your husband or contemplate during a personal moment of quiet. 

This book will not only improve the sex in your marriage but it will also improve the day-to-day aspects of your marriage.

It is healthy to talk about sex. This book bridges the gap between sexuality and spirituality, bringing you and your husband a deeper level of intimacy and an opportunity to share Great Sex.

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Twenty Hours In Tonopah

This  true story account is one of many exciting adventures I have enjoyed over the years.

It describes our family's harrowing plane ride over the Rocky Mountains, and an emergency landing at a top secret Air Force Base during the height of the Gulf War.

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